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And It Won't Be Too Much, PG

Summary: Ansis catches Rilla out as she is trying to avoid him. Prompt: They say you're really not somebody until somebody else loves you; well, I am waiting to make somebody somebody soon. – 'Are We There Yet', Ingrid Michaelson.

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Character List

Maura of Dunlath

Alan of Pirate's Swoop

They meet when he's eight and she's 13, marry at 23 and 28.

Their Children

Rilla of Dunlath - Heiress apparent. Dark, wavy hair; hazel eyes. Born 1-2 years after A/M marriage. She's Douglass's godsdaughter, and his favourite. Rilla is Julian's confidante. She studies at the Royal University for a time, but is normally found at Dunlath.

Theodore of Dunlath - Two years younger than Rilla, and a world apart. He trains to be a knight, and Ansis of Cavall is his best friend. Closer to Clarisse and his mother than anybody else in the family, much to Douglass's dismay. His arch nemesis is Lord Theodore. Only his mother and May, and sometimes Clarisse, are allowed to call him 'Teddy'.

Julian of Dunlath - Gifted, trains to be a priest at the City of the Gods. Strawberry-blond hair, most closely resembles Alan. Rarely at home after he leaves to begin studying, and a little closed off from the rest of the family, but gets on well with Rilla.

Clarisse of Dunlath - Heathen. Alan's favourite (partly because she strongly resembles Maura), enjoys causing havoc (particularly where it affects Julian or Rilla). Has Alan’s temper. Theodore adores Clarisse and they’re very close. She has a brown cat named Eugene. Trains to be a Rider.


Douglass of Veldine - assigned to be Maura's Knight Protector... and never left.

Lord Theodore - the brains behind the fief.

Ansis of Cavall - revels in telling awful jokes. Two years older than Theodore, a frequent visitor to Dunlath (though not always for Theodore...). Son of Margarry and Owen, heir to Cavall. Blond with Owen's grey eyes. Was Theodore's sponsor. Also training to be a knight!

Victoria May of Naxen - daughter of Gilmyn and Dolsa. Has an older sister (Agatha Christine). Sometimes known as 'Ducky', mostly known as 'May'. Long blonde curls and brown eyes.

Edmund of Lisafer - attends the City of the Gods with Julian. Black hair, blue eyes.

Hector of Disart - training to be a Rider with Clarisse.

Advice From a Veteran, G

Summary: Ansis is in love, and going to his father – Owen – for advice is not an option. So he talks to his grandfather instead.

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It Could Always Be Worse, G

Summary: Maura of Dunlath bonds with Alan of Pirate's Swoop over the wrong-doings of siblings, and makes a lifelong friend.

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Ducks in a Row, PG

Summary: Theodore is making plans for the future, but he doesn't want to make them alone.

I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams - Yeats.

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Nice Weather for Ducks, G

Summary: Theodore comes to Douglass to discuss his new role.

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Hide-Out, PG

Summary: Rilla tracks down her wayward brother.

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Planning Ahead, PG

Summary: Ansis begins to understand what Rilla has in mind for her future.

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Perfection, PG

Summary: There's never a quiet moment in Dunlath

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